3 Ways to Stay Healthy Through The Holidays

Christmas time is upon us, and that means plenty of holiday parties and celebrating. Usually, that means plenty of eating and packing on the extra pounds. Christmas time and parties don’t have to be that way. There are three tips that’ll keep you healthy.

Stay healthy through the holidays

1. The first thing you can do is make sure you only snack on fruits and vegetables. A light dipping sauce will make these treats tasty. Cakes and cookies contain sugar and carbs that become fat when digested. Chips and dips contain sodium that’s usually higher than the recommended amount for a daily diet. Stick with fruits and vegetables when snacking. If your hosts are serving a meal, eat in moderation and don’t load up on carbs and starches. Eat in moderation and remember to focus mainly on the guests and not on the food.

2. Drink plenty of water instead of drinking sweetened sodas. Drinking water will cleanse your body and also curb your appetite. Water gets rid of toxins and makes you less fatigued and gives you the energy that you need to keep going during the partying. Stay away from Vitamin water because it contains too much sugar. There are fiber filled powders and liquids that can make a cup of water taste good. These sweeteners come in flavors like cherry and orange. If you want to drink coffee or tea, try decaffeinated coffee and tea. Sweeten your coffee and tea with a sugar substitute that you like.

3. Every News Years Day people make losing weight one of their resolutions. Holidays are the time when many people don’t exercise as much as they should. Do not give up your exercise routine. During this time of year it is imperative to continue the routine. If you’re bored with your usual exercise regiment, look into more creative ways to exercise. There are ways to exercise without using tread mills and universal gym equipment. Dancing has always been a great way to burn off the pounds. There are many videos on the market. You Tube has plenty of uploaded dance routines that can make it fun to lose weight. Instead of meeting with your friends for coffee, invite them to go on a hike with you. Hula hooping is a great way to lose weight. It is not just for kids. Michelle Obama loves hula hooping. There are many adult size hula hoops for purchase.